Claypave uses local clays, and fires with natural gas, so our product are gentle on the environment The warm, natural colours are exactly that - natural. There are no artificial colouring agents or dyes added. The colours are a result of the natural clay and the temperatures at which they are fired. Our pavers and bricks will never fade.


The Regency's extra slip resistant surface is created by running a wire across the top of the paver during manufacturing. This wirecut finish and the affordable price makes the Regency a popular choice. The regency is available in six colours in a 230x115, 230x230 in a variety of thicknesses.

Regency Tan Paver 230x115.jpg Regency Gold Paver 230x115.jpg Regency Sand Paver 230x115.jpg Regency Rojo Paver 230x115.jpg Regency Pewter Paver 230x115.jpg Regency Mocha Paver 230x115.jpg